The Toppers Law College is governed by the Board of Directors. The Director is the highest authority of the College. He presides over convocations, and meetings. The Principal is the executive head of the college and manages its academic, financial and administrative activities. He exercises his powers through the advice and decisions taken by Board of Directors. The Principal assists the director in the execution of some of the functions and meetings of the College. Dean of Faculty of Law, Directors of the Institute, Principal of the College are responsible for the academic activities of the institution. The Human Resource Admin, the Administrator, The Controller of Examinations, the Librarian and other officers-in-charge look after the working of relevant departments.

All the academic, administrative and financial activities of the College are managed and regulated by Principal. The Board of Directors is the executive body of the College and also takes effective measures to raise the standards of teaching, research and other academic pursuits. It exercises general supervision over the affairs and management of the property of the college. The Selection Committee, following stated procedures, recommends to the Board, the names of suitable candidates for appointment to teaching and other posts.

In addition, there are many other departments which deal with the academic, financial, administrative, welfare, discipline and other matters of the College’s functioning.