Board Of Directors Message

Dean's Message

Justice ( R ) Zafar Iqbal Ch.

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Toppers Law College. The study of Law is gaining popularity, not only in the developed countries but also in the developing ones. With the economic and technical advancements, the day-to-day problems become complex and to solve them assistance of legally trained persons is inevitable. To further the legal education in our country, Toppers Law College has the ambition to play a major role. Due to its relentless efforts not only the number of law graduates will increase but the quality of such graduates will also improve substantially. The faculty and administration of TLC are committed to the proposition that the way in which we approach students personally and professionally will shape the student’s perception of Law and the role of lawyers. Both highly professional faculty and trained administration adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct. They exhibit a concern for the quality education and personal well being of students, and uphold the ideals of personal dignity of individual.

Director's Message

Rana Ali Akbar

I am highly delighted to welcome you here at Toppers Law College which is a place of genuine educational acumen. Our vision is to prepare the students as conscientious, competent and public spirited legal professionals suitable and responsive to contemporary challenges and the requirements of the society as well as to make use of legal education as a tool for development of responsible legal professionals, an instrument of social transformation, an organ of justice dissemination and also a rewarding career option for the students.

Legal education today is providing a rewarding professional career, which is an instrument of social transformation in which responsive students can be shaped up as competent legal professionals. Toppers Law College affiliated University of the Punjab, imparts graduate level teaching in Law and has also become a Higher Learning and Research Centre. Committed, well qualified, dedicated and research oriented teaching staff of Toppers Law College imparts legal education with a research oriented vision and with a missionary spirit.

            Since, its inception Toppers Law College is maintaining higher standard of legal education and very proud to announce that almost every year students of this institution have secured University ranks and awards. Alumina of the college work in corporate sector, various High Courts, Supreme Court and working in judiciary in various capacities like Public Prosecutor, Civil Judges & Judicial Magistrates, District and Session Judges. College works excellently through its placements cell.

The students always receive support in Toppers Law College, through scholarships, Book Bank Schemes, Career Guidance Cell and special care and attention programs. Court Visits, Moot Court Competitions, Study Tours, Workshops, Seminars have enhanced law students as ‘Lawyers in Making’ at Toppers Law College. Determination, Discipline, Hard Work and Success are the watch-words of this institution.

Director's Message

Mirza Muhammad Saleem  

I feel immense pleasure in welcoming you at Toppers Law College. TLC acknowledges the importance of transcendent truth, deeply embedded moral and religious heritage of tour nation and rule of Law. If liberty is to be preserved, these foundations must once again be understood and embraced. The nation rightly expects that the implementation of the program should be entrusted to the qualified persons who should have the zeal and sprit necessary to perform this gigantic job. Luckily such persons available in our fraternity. However, there is a pressing need that fresh Law graduates, possessing the best qualities of head and heart, continue to enter in this noble profession to make the speedy progress towards this  objective. Under this pressing need Toppers Law College has been formed. The primary aim of this Institution is to enhance the cause of overall education in general and the Law in particular.

At TLC, besides the normal course of teaching, an emphasis is given to prepare the students for prestigious competitive examination like CSS, PMS and judicial Services. We provide our students with an atmosphere for multifaceted development where the students are encouraged to channel their potential in the pursuit of excellence. This is only possible in holistic, student-centric environment. The talent, skills and abilities of each student need to be identified, nurtured and enhanced so that they are able to reach greater heights of knowledge. We accepts our graduates to meet the expectations of the nation and for this purpose, we continue to inculcate in them the sense of justice, knowledge and the traits necessary for character building

Wish you a crowning success in your life.

Principal's Message

M0azzam Shahzad Rana

Toppers Law College has its motto: ‘Excellence always in Legal Education’ has made a mark for itself with several students excelling in University examinations and by contributing to society through its outreach programs. The College is proud of its alumni who occupy positions of eminence and importance in the Judiciary, academics, bureaucracy and at the Bar.

In recent times, Legal Education has proved to be an area of growing avenues and its reach has widened in leaps and bounds, which the College has facilitated by catering to diverse needs and associating with institutions of eminence and organizations of repute.

One of the major strengths of Toppers Law College is its well-qualified and experienced faculty that devotes its expertise in the teaching-learning process and enables the development of professionalism with social commitment. The College provides the best of infrastructure to its students and offers a repertoire of activities, making their tenure at the College an enriching experience.

The college assures that it will discharge its obligations to all its stake holders and continue with its mission to lead the way through innovative experiences and create legal professionals of very high standards.